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No salt water license needed when you fish on the James Joseph
Free vehicle parking available when you fish on the James Joseph
Contact for Captain James is (631-680-8159)
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James Joseph II
The James Joseph II is a 144 passenger Yank build super strong fiberglass over wood construction with all the latest electronics and safety equipment. We are coast guard certified and have all equipment on board. The James Joseph II has a full galley providing rods, bait, and tackle.  Our mates are experienced professionals, friendly and very helpful.
Great salt water bottom fishing from the James Joseph.

"Make that someone happy"
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call Captain James at 631-680-8159

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Long Island  fishing
Long Island Fishing is a fisherman’s dream. There are so many places to fish from. You have the north shore, south shore from the east end to west of long island. You can fish from the beach, pier, or docks. The salt water bottom fishing party boats are a great choice. There are so many different kinds of fish on long island. Salt water bottom fishing for Blackfish, Sea Bass Fluke, and Flounder. Try it, you will enjoy long island fishing.

Fishing  boat
The James Joseph II is a salt water bottom fishing party fishing boat that docks in Huntington NY on the north shore of long island. Salt water bottom fishing for Blackfish, Sea Bass, Bluefish, Fluke, Flounder, and Porgy on the bay and long island sound depending on the season we are in.

Salt water bottom fishing is the easiest type of fishing to learn if you are new to fishing. Long island fishing on the Long island sound is a great place to fish.

Long Island Sound
The long Island Sound is the perfect place to go fishing because of its calm protected waters and great fishing. Many different salt water bottom fish can be caught there like Blackfish, Sea Bass, Fluke, Flounder, Porgy and even Striped Bass and Bluefish,
  The Long Island Sound is around 110 miles long and around 21 miles wide, with New York on one side and
Connecticut on the other side

fishing captain

Captain James Schneider has fished Huntington for his entire life. His knowledge of local waters is unsurpassed. Commercial fishing, lobstering and captaining his party fishing boats for 30 years. When it comes to innovating new  techniques and adjusting to different species, Captain James has tremendous  skills. Harvesting North Shore  Fluke since the early 70’s with his father and commercial hook & line fisherman Bob Schneider has given Captain James the instincts and experience to hunt down giant Fluke. Countless numbers of Fluke over 10 pounds and the largest 15 lb 4oz to date. When it comes to Blackfishing and anchoring skills there is no better. Never hesitate to ask the Captain for advice he is always willing to teach, especially kids.

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