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                                   "New important announcement, about getting back our New York April Blackfish (Tautog) season."
2011 was the last year that the state of New York had an April Blackfish season, while New Jersey and Connecticut still had an April Blackfish season. If we do not get our April Blackfish season this April it will be 4 years. One of the reasons may be that not enough New York anglers have been at the DEC meetings. Most of the New York state anglers do not know about the meetings. The other thing is that not enough people are sending letters or emails to them. We need to let the DEC know that we want our April Blackfish season back “now.” I have posted a letter to Mr. James J Gilmore of the New York State DEC, on the web site, all you have to do is click on the link that said
letter to Mr. Gilmore of the DEC.” That will take you to the form page, there all you need to do is fill in your 1st name, last name, email address
and then click the submit button, thats all.

Or if you like composing your own letter, great, Mr. Gilmore's email address is: ( )

Please note, Governor Cuomo can make a difference, please read below.


It seems that email letters to Mr. Gilmore alone is not going to be good enough, we need to send letters to Governor Cuomo.

Governor Cuomo has an online form mailer. 

Below you will find a letter that I wrote to Governor Cuomo; you are welcome to use it, or you can write your own. If you want to use it,
just copy the letter,

This is the web address to Governor Cuomo's send A message to the governor page.  click this link ""
Paste the letter into the message box. Then fill in:  1st name, last name, email address, address, city, zip code, state.

Under topic, you can use “other”

Under subject, use:  “Lack of New York spring blackfish season”

"After the form is complete, click the submit button."


To: The Honorable Andrew M. Cuomo Governor of New York State.
Thank you in advance for your help.
New York salt water fisherman last had a spring Blackfish season in 2011, while New Jersey and Connecticut to now still have there spring Blackfish season. Keep in mind we all fish the same waters. New Jersey has 242 days of Blackfish seasons, Connecticut has 147 days of Blackfish seasons and New York only has 68 days of Blackfish season. This April will be 4 years that New York lost there spring Blackfish season. There are many New York fishermen that want there spring Black fishing back. A few days ago Mr. James Gilmore started to receive loads of letters by email from New York fisherman, as more people find out and spread the news the letters will increase. The fisherman now realizes that they have to let it be known that they want the spring Blackfish season back. It was very unfair that we lost the spring season. I know the time is getting short, if a temporary spring Blackfish season for this year was made, they would have time to make it permanent for next year. Remember, New York advertises that we have great fishing. But it is not true if people have to go to New Jersey or Connecticut to fish. April 1st is almost here. April 15th to May 16th would be a better time for the spring blackfish season because the Fluke season starts on May 17th..
Please remember that the New York fisherman have been treated very unfair. In April it will be 4 years that we have not taken any blackfish out of the water in the spring, we are not trying to make it up, just want to be treated fair by being able to fish for blackfish in the spring.
I know you care about people, and you will do the correct thing.
Thank you.


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Long Island  fishing
Long Island Fishing is a fisherman’s dream. There are so many places to fish from. You have the north shore, south shore from the east end to west of long island. You can fish from the beach, pier, or docks. The salt water bottom fishing party boats are a great choice. There are so many different kinds of fish on long island. Salt water bottom fishing for Blackfish, Sea Bass Fluke, and Flounder. Try it, you will enjoy long island fishing.

Fishing  boat
The James Joseph II is a salt water bottom fishing party fishing boat that docks in Huntington NY on the north shore of long island. Salt water bottom fishing for Blackfish, Sea Bass, Bluefish, Fluke, Flounder, and Porgy on the bay and long island sound depending on the season we are in.

Salt water bottom fishing is the easiest type of fishing to learn if you are new to fishing. Long island fishing on the Long island sound is a great place to fish.

Long Island Sound
The long Island Sound is the perfect place to go fishing because of its calm protected waters and great fishing. Many different salt water bottom fish can be caught there like Blackfish, Sea Bass, Fluke, Flounder, Porgy and even Striped Bass and Bluefish,
  The Long Island Sound is around 110 miles long and around 21 miles wide, with New York on one side and
Connecticut on the other side

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Captain James Schneider has fished Huntington for his entire life. His knowledge of local waters is unsurpassed. Commercial fishing, lobstering and captaining his party fishing boats for 30 years. When it comes to innovating new  techniques and adjusting to different species, Captain James has tremendous  skills. Harvesting North Shore  Fluke since the early 70’s with his father and commercial hook & line fisherman Bob Schneider has given Captain James the instincts and experience to hunt down giant Fluke. Countless numbers of Fluke over 10 pounds and the largest 15 lb 4oz to date. When it comes to Blackfishing and anchoring skills there is no better. Never hesitate to ask the Captain for advice he is always willing to teach, especially kids.


Show #1
Diamond Jigging Giant LI Sound Bluefish:
This 2010 debut show is a beauty! Fishing aboard the James Joseph from Huntington towards the end of October 2009, we pursue giant LI Sound Blues on the diamond jigs. We shot this a day or two after a huge Nor'east came through and on the full moon as well. The bunker had left the Sound at this point and these giant gorilla blues were looking for the sand eels and we gave them the ol' switcheroo with diamond jigs instead, and boy did they gobble them up. Capt. James & Rich Johnson discuss why the fish were on the jigs, what jigs to use and more importantly what jigs not to use, why they fish here after major storms and why they prefer the full moons up here in contrast to not liking them on the south shore. Lots of great tips and captain conversations as you would expect form The Fishing Line. Order the Home Release Version. The first episode will be up shortly.

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Sandworming LI Sound Stripers: In this episode we go looking for November stripers with one of the best on Long Island, Capt. James Schneider of the James Joseph in Huntington, Long Island.  We go looking for these linesiders with striper candy…a.k.a sandworms and the fact bass love this bait is no secret. In this show Capt. James gives us a ton of information on the best tidal stages to fish and this is contradictory to anything you would imagine! Rigging, bait presentation, hooking the sandworms, seasonal tips and tactics are all detailed both with footage and as always with The Fishing Line you learn a ton just by listening to the guests and the information they give us!


Bucktailing North Shore Fluke: This episode was very exciting for me as I love shallow water bucktailing anything…fluke especially. These fish fight and run hard in shallow water. This trip aboard the James Joseph 3, the 38 foot sister F/V to the James Joseph party boat (see Show #1) from Huntington shows you how to zero in like clockwork the sand eel hatch and explosion in Long Island Sound every spring about 10 days before Father's Day. Using light freshwater tackle, 10 pound test line and light bucktails…we hammer the fish and explain in detail how it is done so you can follow suit. The juvenile sand eels explode their population and all up on the beach in shallow water of 5 to 8 feet.  Even with NY’s ridiculous 21 inch size limit on summer flatties, we had no problem scoring many keeper size fluke for the table and having a blast while doing so. Each year fish over 10 pounds are consistently caught in shallow water with this light tackle technique. With no where to run, the fluke no matter their size run like bluefish across the shallow flats for exciting fluking you never knew about. We’ll explain in detail the sand eel migration, what draws fluke to shallow water, how to bucktail and create your own strike zone in shallow and flat areas. Capt. Jim Schneider & Rich Johnson discuss why the fish were on the bucktails and more importantly what not to use or do! Lots of great tips and captain conversations as you would expect form The Fishing Line. Order the Home Release VersionThis episode will be up shortly.

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